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Where Do Dogs Come From

Where Do Puppies Come From?

Thinking about getting a puppy is super exciting but takes a lot of planning. It should not be an impulse decision. After deciding what kind of puppy will be best for your family and lifestyle, your next decision is where you should get the puppy from. There are a handful of places where puppies...

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Mental Stimulation Pt. 2

If you’ve ever been to one of my classes, had a private lesson with me or even read one of my other blog entries, you know that I LOVE talking about mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is simply working out your dog’s brain with training or other activities. This is a very...

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Mental Stimulation

What is Mental Stimulation?

This article was featured in the May 2017 issue of SA Amigo- San Antonio Bilingual Pet Magazine. Check out the digital copy here.  You’re very aware of your mental state-sometimes you’re happy, angry, anxious or nervous- but do you give your dog’s mental state much thought? Probably not. While we humans...

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Dog Agression Set Straight

Aggression Set Straight

Let’s clear up what the term “aggression” means As a professional in an industry that unfortunately has many schools of thought as to training methodology, I have to be careful about the specific words I use when explaining behavior to non-positive reward based trainers. I hear from clients every single...

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How I Picked My Dogs Food

How I Picked My Dog’s Food

As a pet professional I frequently get asked about what I feed my dog or for recommendations on pet food brands. Everyone has two things in mind when deciding on what food to purchase: quality of food and price. But not everyone knows what makes a quality food. When I...

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All About Puppy

FAQ: All About Puppy

Getting a puppy is a fun and exciting time. But if this is your first puppy ever, or it’s been a while, you may have some questions. These are the questions I get asked the most as a trainer: When can I start training? RIGHT AWAY! Whether you think you’re...

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