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Meet Our Team

Our team is excited and ready to care for your Pet Sidekick! While we are all background checked, Pet First Aid and CPR certified, and go through hands-on training for all pet species, our best quality is our love for pets. We promise to be dependable, reliable and professional, giving your pets the same love and attention you would.


Stephanie Garza, CDPT-KA

Company Owner & Certified Dog Trainer

I’ve always had a passion for animals and began my career in 2007 working as a receptionist and vet tech for an animal hospital in San Antonio. Thinking my calling was in the veterinary field, I began attending Texas A&M University only to find my passion in behavior. I interned training hunting dogs, worked in boarding and daycare facilities in College Station and San Antonio and soon found myself moving to Houston where the real magic happened.

In September 2012, I began working for a training and daycare facility called Peace Love & Dogs. My days consisted of playing and observing the daycare dogs during the day and observing various training classes. By July 2013, I was teaching my own puppy group classes focusing on basic obedience and socialization. I then became a certified trainer through the Certification Council of  Professional Dog Trainers in 2015. Throughout my time at PLD, I also taught and assisted in adult basic obedience, tricks and CGC group classes, as well as educated owners through private lessons. My favorite way to spend the day was in Puppy Preschool where I taught puppies basic socialization skills in an open play environment.

Even though I loved my job and clients at PLD, home was calling. In January 2016 I moved back to San Antonio where I began operating Pup Pup & Away! I am extremely excited to start touching the lives of dogs and their families through training and pet care in my hometown.

When I am not training or loving on someone’s furbaby, you can find me cuddling with my schnauzers, Sully & Reishi, or working out at my boyfriend, Matt’s Intentional Patterns Fitness classes. I also enjoy reading; listening to personal finance, true crime and business podcasts; watching various shows like Pretty Little Liars, Jane the Virgin, and Grey’s Anatomy; and doing anything Disney-related.

Marti S

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

My whole life has been centered around kids and animals. I was the only kid in our family to convince my parents to get a dog and that’s after having snakes, mice, guinea pigs, and even a pet rat in the house.

In 2006 I found my passion for helping animals through fostering, transporting, and volunteering at CAP and a local animal shelter in Houston where I went from dog walker to surgery monitor.  For the last 12 years I have been fostering homeless Schnauzers. I supported Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Texas for 8 years and I have been a part of Schnauzer Rescue of Texas since it began in 2014.

My family and I moved to San Antonio in June 2017 and I began volunteering for the Animal Defense League. My husband, Anthony, and I have been married since 1992. We have two kids, Maggie and Morgan.

I met Stephanie when I hired her to work with my daughter’s dog who lives with her at college. Stephanie has a wonderful personality and is so good with dogs and their humans. I am going to love being a part of her team and turn my love of animals into a useful service for busy people.

Maggie S

Kennel Tech & Canine Enrichment Specialist

My name is Maggie and my canine sidekick’s name is Corky. Corky and his 6 brothers and sister were born to a dog my family and I were fostering back in 2014 and he has been my son ever since, and recently also became my ESA.

I’m a 5th year accounting student at UTSA, expected to graduate in December, but my true passion is animals. I am the biggest dog lover you may ever know.

I’ve had a couple other kennel jobs, but Pup Pup & Away has been such a warm, welcoming experience and I’m so glad I get to be a part of the company.

Kim L

Canine Enrichment Specialist

Dogs do know how to speak, but only to those who know how to listen”, Orhan Pamuk. The quote that drives my passion and guides my life.

I, like many others, have always felt a special connection to our four-legged canine companions, but I had no idea where that feeling would lead me. My first experience with dogs was when I was just a kid, and had no idea that training, socializing or even grooming were things! I tried my best to understand my pups, but most of the time we just weren’t on the same page. I so badly wanted to listen to them, but I didn’t know how. There had to be more..

After graduating high school in my hometown, I made the move to Houston, Tx to pursue a degree at the University of Houston. During this period, I worked several different jobs and realized I was unhappy at all of them. I didn’t have the 9-5 office personality, so I literally googled ‘dog jobs’! Peace Love and Dogs, a positive re-enforcement training and daycare facility,  is where I learned how to become a pet professional. It is where I learned how to communicate with dogs. It is where I learned how to improve the relationship between human and canine. I became a better dog owner and a better person because of the knowledge I had gained. It became my mission to educate others on communication to strengthen the bond between dogs and their families.

After several years, life happened and I moved to San Antonio with my husband to have our child near family. Here, I became a Veterinary Technician which is my position to date, as well as working at Pup Pup and Away!

Charlie M

Daycare Tech & Canine Enrichment Specialist

Hi, my name is Charlie.  I have been working with dogs for almost eight years now. I am a certified groomer, and I have trained for Pup Pup and Away, but my favorite moments are when we’re all hanging out in big groups or refereeing a rowdy game of chase. My first job as a kid was working at a dog kennel and I fell irrevocably in love. It is a pleasure and a great gift to entertain and educate your fur babies while you’re working.

Yazmine (Ai) B

Daycare Tech

Hi, my name is Yazmine but you can just call me Ai! I’ve loved dogs ever since I could walk and talk. After highschool I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. In result, I impulsively rescued a dog and it was the greatest decision of my life. I believe dogs are gifts to earth and my dog, Mystique was definitely the best one I’ve ever received. It’s not so coincidental my life went up from there. She influenced me to be a better person and both of us teach each other new things everyday. She’s taught me patience, compassion, and unconditional love. I’ve taught her courage, confidence, and how to be a dog. While I am out of work I spend my days caring for my family, going to concerts, and powerlifting with my boyfriend.  My love for animals doesn’t just stop at my dog and my little family. I love working with dogs from all over! Every dog has a personality and I wanna get to know them! Now c’mon, come and bring your fur-baby so they can have the time of their life!

I met Stephanie when I hired her to work with my daughter’s dog who lives with her at college. Stephanie has a wonderful personality and is so good with dogs and their humans. I am going to love being a part of her team and turn my love of animals into a useful service for busy people.

Shannon C

Kennel Tech & Dog Walker

My name is Shannon Cashman and I’ve been in love with animals since I was a little girl. I first started working with horses and learned a lot of new things. Then I wanted to focus on dogs and cats. I love to be around animals all times during the day. Weather it be at daycare, in a kennel, or outside on the streets, saying hi to dogs waking with their owners.

Saul U

Kennel Tech

Saul’s Bio

Kayli F

Pet Sitter/ Dog Walker

Hi, my name is Kayli! I am 19 years old and starting college in the fall. I love being a team member for Pup Pup and Away and being hands on with all of the pets! I have my own dog, her name is Amelia and she is 3 years old and my whole world. I will love and care for your pets just like they are my own!


Pet Sitter

My name is Cassandra Bartlett and I am a vet tech at Banfield pet hospital located at The Rim shopping center. I have been a vet tech since 2015. Animals have been my passion my whole life and being able to help save animals everyday is a blessing. I have 2 childhood dogs, Toby and Nikki, and two of my own, Tony Barker and Nymeria. I recently bought my first house with my boyfriend, Brandon, and the main reason was to have a backyard for our dogs! In my spare time I love to be lazy, hanging out with my pups watching TV (our favorite show is Game of Thrones!). I also love going outside and working out at Intentional Patterns. I have known Stephanie since 2015 and we love doing stuff with our dogs like doggy brunch and dog yoga. I am very excited to meet your furry best friends and help make their day.

Our Vision

PupPupAndAwaySa Pet Training Vision San Antonio

Pup Pup and Away strives to be a pet owner’s professional and trusted source for every pet care need.

Our Mission

PupPupAndAwaySa Pet Training Vision San Antonio

To help cultivate and care for pet sidekicks through effective and safe training techniques and compassionate pet care.

Pet Care With a Behavioral Edge

Because Pup Pup & Away is owned and operated by Certified Dog Trainer, Stephanie Garza, CPDT-KA, our staff is trained with a deep understanding of canine body language, psychology, and behavior. We know the behaviors you have worked to establish like not jumping on guests, not pulling on leash or sit-stays before walks and are sure to reward the good behaviors and ignore the inappropriate ones. We also know that proper pet care should go above and beyond just feeding and walking, but should involve your pet’s mental health as well!