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Meet our Team who cares passionately about your Canine Sidekick every day!

DEK stands for Daycare/Enrichment/Kennel

Pup Pup And Away San Antonio Pet Training About Us

Stephanie Garza, CDPT-KA, CBCC-KA

Company Owner & Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist

I’ve always had a passion for animals and began my career in 2007 working as a receptionist and vet tech for an animal hospital in San Antonio. Thinking my calling was in the veterinary field. I began attending Texas A&M University only to find my passion in behavior. I interned training hunting dogs, worked in boarding and daycare facilities in College Station and San Antonio, and soon found myself moving to Houston where the real magic happened.

In September 2012. I began working for a training and daycare facility called Peace Love & Dogs. My days consisted of playing and observing the daycare dogs during the day and observing various training classes in the evenings. By July 2013, I was teaching my own puppy group classes focusing on basic obedience and socialization. I then became a certified trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers in 2015.

Even though I loved my job and clients at PLD, home was calling. In January 2016 I moved back to San Antonio where I began operating Pup Pup & Away! Since then, I have grown a team of other passionate individuals who love dogs and feel fulfilled giving our doggy clients stimulation in fun but intentionally structured way. While growing the company, I have also become a Certified Canine Behaviorist.

When I am not training or loving on someone’s furbaby, you can find me cuddling with my schnauzers, Sully & Reishi. I also enjoy learning more about canine cognition and nutrition, caring for my plants or enjoying time with friends, family and my boyfriend, Anthony.  

Maggie S

Office Manager


My name is Maggie and my canine sidekick’s name is Corky. Corky and his 6 brothers and sister were born to a dog my family and I were fostering back in 2014 and he has been my son ever since, and recently also became my ESA.

I’m a 5th year accounting student at UTSA, expected to graduate in December, but my true passion is animals. I am the biggest dog lover you may ever know.

I’ve had a couple of other kennel jobs, but Pup Pup & Away has been such a warm, welcoming experience and I’m so glad I get to be a part of the company.

PupPupAndAwaySa Dog Training & Services San Antonio Pet Sitting
Maggie & Corky

Alyssa P

Managers’ Assistant

Maria R

Training Manager and Obedience Trainer

PupPupAndAwaySa Dog Training & Services San Antonio Pet Sitting
Maggie & Corky

Christine K

Kennel Tech Manager

My name is Christine and I’m so excited to be working at Pup Pup and Away! I’m currently going to school for my masters degree in PR/Marketing, but my ultimate goal is to work with dogs forever. I would love to do PR and social media for a shelter, boarding/daycare, or animal rescue group. Loving and caring for animals is my passion. I currently have an English bulldog named Mellow- she is my world and the ultimate couch snuggler. In the future, I would also love to rescue more dogs and give them the life and love that they deserve. 
I’m so glad to have found a job as fun and rewarding as Pup Pup and Away! I’m happy to be here and am always looking forward to meeting everyone’s fur babies!

Avery M

Daycare Manager

Maggie & Corky

Evan D

DEK Staff and Trainer

Jessica A

DEK Staff

Hello! My name is Jessica and I have always had a huge passion for animals. There is nothing I love more than caring for animals especially my fur baby Roxy. It makes my heart so happy being able to be her dog momma. I was overwhelmed with happiness when I adopted her from this amazing company that I work for Pup Pup and Away. Growing up I always knew that caring and working with dogs is something that I genuinely love to do. I have always been the person to want to welcome every dog that I see to my family. I have a huge heart for dogs and would love to continue this journey of working with dogs throughout my life.

Maggie & Corky
Maggie & Corky

Juanita E

DEK Staff

Hello my name is Juanita and this is my best friend Max I adopted him when he was just 2 months old and is still with me to this day. He has helped me through the good times and the bad. I’m a dog lover at heart and a mother to my beautiful daughter. I am pursuing to be a veterinarian technician and went to school but currently put it on hold hopefully soon I’ll finish and graduate with my degree. My dog, daughter and I spend our evenings taking strolls through the park and going to outdoor drive in movies which we love to do. I’ve had a big heart for animals since I was a little girl, always trying to take in all the dogs I could find. I currently work at Pup Pup and Away as daycare tech and kennel tech which I love doing because I love dogs just as much as I love my Family.

Jesse M

DEK Staff

Maggie & Corky

Angela D

Daycare/Enrichment/Kennel Staff and Trainer