About Us

Stephanie- Certified Dog Trainer and Owner


I’ve always had a passion for animals and began my career in 2007 working as a receptionist and vet tech for an animal hospital in San Antonio. Thinking my calling was in the veterinary field, I began attending Texas A&M University only to find my passion in behavior. I interned training hunting dogs, worked in boarding and daycare facilities in College Station and San Antonio and soon found myself moving to Houston where the real magic happened.

In September 2012, I began working for a training and daycare facility called Peace Love & Dogs. My days consisted of playing and observing the daycare dogs during the day and observing various training classes taught by Stephanie Bennett, CPDT-KSA in the evenings. By July 2013, I was teaching my own puppy group classes focusing on basic obedience and socialization. I then became a certified trainer through the Certification Council of  Professional Dog Trainers in 2015. Throughout my time at PLD, I also taught and assisted in adult basic obedience, tricks and CGC group classes as well as educate owners through private lessons. My favorite way to spend the day was in Puppy Preschool where I taught puppies basic socialization skills in an open play environment.

Even though I loved my job and clients at PLD, home was calling. In January 2016 I moved back to San Antonio where I began operating Pup Pup & Away! I am extremely excited to start touching the lives of dogs and their families through training and pet care in my hometown.

When I am not training or loving on someone’s furbaby, you can find me cuddling with my schnauzer, Sully, or working out at my boyfriend, Matt’s Camp Gladiator bootcamps. I also enjoy reading; listening to personal finance, true crime and business podcasts; watching various shows like Pretty Little Liars, Jane the Virgin, and Grey’s Anatomy; and doing anything Disney-related.

Cassandra- Pet Sitter


My name is Cassandra Bartlett and I am a vet tech at Banfield pet hospital located at The Rim shopping center. I have been a vet tech for the past 2 and a half years. Animals have been my passion my whole life and being able to help save animals everyday is a blessing. I have 2 childhood dogs, Toby and Nikki, and two of my own, Tony Barker and Nymeria. I recently bought my first house with my boyfriend, Brandon, and the main reason was to have a backyard for our dogs! In my spare time I love to be lazy, hanging out with my pups watching TV (our favorite show is Game of Thrones!). I also love going outside and working out at Camp Gladiator. I have known Stephanie for almost 3 years and we love doing stuff with our dogs like doggy brunch and dog yoga. I am very excited to meet your furry best friends and help make their day. 

Margaret- Pet Sitter


Growing up on a farm with lots of animals, I was the unofficial pet EMT. From physical therapy for injured piglets, to CPR on drenched kittens, I tried to rescue all the needy animals that came my way. Although I’m no longer a farm girl, I still love animals and want to help whenever I see a need. It brings me tremendous satisfaction to foster sick and injured dogs until they are ready to be adopted into forever homes. I am very excited to meet your furry companions and spend some quality time with them!

Martha- Pet Sitter


My whole life has been centered around kids and animals. I was the only kid in our family to convince my parents to get a dog and that’s after having snakes, mice, guinea pigs, and even a pet rat in the house.  

In 2006 I found my passion for helping animals through fostering, transporting, and volunteering at CAP and a local animal shelter in Houston where I went from dog walker to surgery monitor.  For the last 12 years I have been fostering homeless Schnauzers. I supported Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Texas for 8 years and I have been a part of Schnauzer Rescue of Texas since it began in 2014. 

My family and I moved to San Antonio in June 2017 and I began volunteering for the Animal Defense League. My husband, Anthony, and I have been married since 1992. We have two kids, Maggie and Morgan. 

I met Stephanie when I hired her to work with my daughter’s dog who lives with her at college. Stephanie has a wonderful personality and is so good with dogs and their humans. I am going to love being a part of her team and turn my love of animals into a useful service for busy people. 


Sully-Mascot and Training Assistant


My full name is Sullivan Theodore, but my friends call me Sully. Most people think I was named after the Monsters, Inc. character but really that Sully was named after the same Sully I was named after- Sullivan Ross, a former Texas Governor and President of Texas A&M University. There is a tradition on campus where you “put a penny on Sully” at his statue for good luck on exams. Since my mom adopted me during finals of her Sophomore year in college she found it fitting. I’m her good luck charm! I’m your typical happy schnauzer with lots of energy and lots to say. My favorite activities are visiting the beach and bobbing for treats in a baby pool. But don’t ask me to swim- that’s just asking too much! I also enjoy cuddling on my dad’s pillow, car rides and barking at the neighbors. I love my fruits and veggies, especially carrots, strawberries, apples and kale! My mom has taught me loads of tricks such as hand shakes, spin, take a bow and I’m even CGC certified! I do have my weaknesses though. I used to be pretty reactive on leash (but mom and I have worked hard on that) and I am not fond of kids. My beard and eyebrows make me look like an old man, so I act like one! I have to get after those young whippersnappers. I’m also quite the ladies’ man.

Reishi- Mascot and Training Assistant


I’m your perfect mix of sweet and sassy. I was adopted out from the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston after being surrendered at 4.5 weeks old. Even though I had a crazy start to life, I know nothing but love now! I am a fierce and fearless lady up to learn any new trick and make a new friend. I love playing with my big brother, Sully, sticking my head out the window during car rides, and chewing on boxes and paper. People say my ears are my signature. I hope to meet you out at one of our events!





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