Pet Safety and CPR

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Pet Safety and CPR

Summer is upon us! With the changing season comes more time spent outdoors with your dog doing all his favorite activities like swimming, running and hiking. The outdoors are full of fun but can also be full of hazards. If something happened to your furry friend, wouldn’t you want to know how to save his life? Good news! There IS a way you can learn basic life-saving techniques without spending four years and tens of thousands of dollars in vet school.

Last month I took a Pet Tech (the first international training center dedicated to pet CPR, first aid and care) class called Canine CPR and First Aid. Spanning over 8 hours, the course covered many topics such as senior care, heatstroke, how to tie an emergency muzzle and dental care. I’ve been working in the pet industry for over nine years gaining experience in almost every niche. Walking into the course, I thought I knew a lot but I was surprised at how much I learned! In this type of class, you can expect to learn how to keep your pet healthy, extend his life, and even save his life in an emergency. I would recommend the course to anyone – pet professionals, pet enthusiasts and especially all you pet owners out there!

If you’re interested, please get in contact with my friend Zindy Infante. She’s an excellent course instructor who makes the material fun and interesting. Zindy runs her own petsitting company, Fairytails. Email her at for a course schedule and to sign up!

You always hope that you’ll never need to use emergency first aid on your dog, but if you do, give yourself peace of mind knowing that you can give him the best possible care, no matter what situation arises!