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Back to School Puppy Blues

With the calendar rolling over into August, it’s time to get the human children ready for school- get those school supplies, shop for that new wardrobe, and schedule the carpool! But what about our furry children? Surprisingly, back to school time can be a time of stress for our...

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Heat Stroke- A Preventable Fatality

I know, the title is heavy. But this issue is important because a harmless midday walk can easily turn into a life or death situation in a matter of minutes. And it can all be prevented.   As if getting our Sidekicks exercise wasn’t hard enough due to our hectic schedules, mother...

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The Truth About Cats And Dogs

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Having a furry creature who doesn’t speak English living in your home can be confusing at times. Even more confusing is having TWO furry creatures of a different species who also don’t speak the same language as each other. As a pet sitter and dog trainer, I get lots of questions...

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Is It Too Early to Train?

A question I get asked a lot: When can I start training my puppy?  The answer: Right away!  People often think that puppies can’t learn until they reach a certain age or that a newly adopted dog needs time to settle in. And while you should be patient with...

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Working with Non-Food Motivated Dogs

Working with Non-Food Motivated Dogs

When training a dog, every great trainer needs three things: Timing, Consistency and Motivation. What do I mean about motivation? I mean the thing that makes your dog WANT to work. For you, it’s your paycheck. Regardless of the amount of love you have for your job, the one...

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Why Your Dog Isn’t Potty Trained Yet

I’ve talked to a lot of families about how to potty train their puppies (and even adult dogs). There are some things that make different families’ situations unique, but here are a few mistakes that nearly everyone makes: Not letting your puppy out at the right moments or often...

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