Board & Train

Board & Training


Our Board & Train programs were designed to get your training goals accomplished quickly but set you and the family up for success! We want to be sure our hard work and your money pay off long-term!

Prices include a private overnight accommodation in one of our suites, daily play and socialization with people and other dogs, feeding, medicating (if needed), daily enrichment exercises, and daily training sessions. 

Price What’s Included
10-Day $1,585

-Initial consultation 

-8 boarding nights

-10 days of our enrichment-focused daycare and training

-2 private training lessons

20- Day $3,115

-Initial consultation 

-16 boarding nights

-20 days of our enrichment-focused daycare and training

-4 private training lessons 

30-Day $4,645

-Initial consultation 

-24 boarding nights

-30 days of our enrichment-focused daycare and training

-6 private training lessons


    What makes PPA's Board & Train different from the rest?

    Our program keeps you more involved in the training process increasing success even after your pup goes home. Ideally, we train your pup Monday-Friday, sending them home for the weekend after completeing a go-home lesson with you. After a weekend of practice, bring them back and repeat the week until all days are completed.

    Why is it important for me to be involved with the training?

    Because the training did not occur at your house, there will be a transition period where your dog learns the new behaviors apply to your home as well. Our trainers work with you to make sure you understand how to upkeep and maintain the new behaviors at home which increases the probability for long-term success.

    When do I use my lessons?

    Ideally, you’d get a lesson every 5th day, on a Friday, before taking your pup home for the weekend. The trainer will show you what we have been working on and give you exercises to do over the weekend.

    What if I need my dog to board over the weekend?

    No biggie! We understand you might need to travel. Since our trainers are off on the weekend, we will check your pup in for regular boarding over the weekend and start the training back up on Monday. We will save your lessons to better fit your schedule. 

    What behaviors are covered during training?

    We can work on almost any behavior! Our clients have had great success learning how to walk well on leash, reducing leash reactivity, learning not to jump on people, learning place, and many more. Potty training is not an easy behavior to work on since this is not a home environment like your home. 

    What is the initial consultation?

    After booking your dates, a trainer will call you to discuss what behaviors you’d like us to work on with what cues you’d like us to use. The trainer can also help give a more clear expectation on what level we are able to work the behaviors up to with the time we have. 

    What if I don't want to committ to a whole package and just want to add training to a regular boarding stay?

    To keep training successful, we will only allow training add-on’s to a regular boarding reservation if we have worked with you, the human client, on the specific behaviors. We will not allow this arrangment for new clients since keeping the owner involved is how we build our success rate. 

    Will my dog get to go to daycare?

    If your dog has been approved for daycare during our Orientation, they will definitely get to enjoy some playtime with other dogs inbetween training and rest sessions.

    Why does my dog need to complete an Orientation?

    Completing our Orientation allows your pup to get comfortable with the facility and the staff and allows us to temperament test them for group play. This allows your pup to get comfortable so we can get straight to work on their first day of the Board & Train. 

    Not sure which is the best option for you? Fill out a contact form or give us a call at 210.899.1688.


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