Doggy DayCare

Doggy DayCare

We are San Antonio’s first (and only) enrichment-focused, training-based doggy daycare! 


Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

We are San Antonio’s only enrichment-focused, training-based doggy daycare!

Your Canine Sidekick will enjoy romping around and socializing with other doggy guests, like a traditional doggy daycare, but will also get daily mental enrichment! Dogs will be pulled either individually or as small groups to participate in activities to keep their brains active and strong. Activities include treadmill walking, nosework, agility basics, tricks, simple manners, food puzzle toys and more!

We also practice basic manners such as sit at gates and doors, and not allowing jumping up on people. We’ll make sure your Sidekick doesn’t pick up any bad behaviors while still having a good time.


We offer drop-in rates but memberships get you a great discounted price! 

Drop-In  $38/Day 
Package of  4  $137 per month $34.25/visit 

 We recommend using one visit per week 

Package of  8  $258 per month $32.35/visit 

We recommend using two visits per week 

Package of  12  $365 per month $30.41/visit 

We recommend using three visits per week 

Package of  16  $456 per month $28.5/visit 

 We recommend using four visits per week 

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What makes Pup Pup & Away’s daycare program special from the rest?

We are San Antonio first and only training-based, enrichment-focused doggy daycare. Traditional daycares allow your pup to romp around in a free-form style of play. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We just want to offer a bit more learning for your pup. Our program was designed and is overseen by certified dog trainer, Stephanie Garza, CPDT-KA. 

Training-based: We know you’ve worked hard teaching your pup manners such as not pulling on leash, not rushing out of crates, not jumping on people. Our program follows the same rules to offer more consistency for your Sidekick. We reinforce good choices, and redirect or ignore naughty ones.  

Enrichment-focused: Your Sidekick may have lots of drive- prey drive, food drive, a drive to run and chase. Our enrichment activities help utilize this drive in a structured and safe way. Our activities help get your pup’s brain stimulated so they go home tired physically AND mentally. 

Do I need to reserve a spot for the day ahead of time?

YES! We are being very strict with our person:dog ration. We don’t want more than 12 dogs per person. Reserving ahead of time can allow us to staff appropriately. Forgot to reserve a spot and need to bring your Sidekick the same day? Just give us a call before driving over so we can see if we have space. Otherwise, you may be turned away, and we don’t want that! 

Why do you recommend a membership and X visits a week?

For safety reasons, memberships allow us to control our person:dog ratio a little easier.  

For training purposes, consistency is key to keeping good behaviors. We would like to eliminate (as much as possible) chunks of time your pup doesn’t visit. Long-term absences may lead your dog to “forget” some of the training and behaviors of daycare. 

Plus, it saves you money!!

What sort of enrichment activities are included?

Our activities vary and will continue to develop! Dogs will be pulled from group play individually or as small groups (depending on the activity). We may do a Search-and-Seek treat game, work a puzzle toy, teach/walk on a treadmill, or teach simple manners. We can’t promise your dog will go home knowing brand new behaviors and tricks, we just want to work their brain. Your pup will enjoy two activities a day. 

What is the daily schedule for daycare?

We offer daycare Monday-Friday. You may drop off as early as 7am and pick-up must be completed by 6:00pm. A $10 late pick-up fee will be charge after 6:15pm.

During the day, your pup will play and get an enrichment activity 7am-11am. All dogs will be crated with a stuffed Kong 11am-1pm for a quick rest and snooze. Daycare play and another enrichment activity will resume 1pm-6pm. 

Why don’t you have a package that recommend 5 daycare visits a week?

For a couple of reasons!  

First, dogs are crepuscular animals, meaning they are naturally most active early in the morning and again in the evening. Left on their own, dogs will sleep much of the day. We don’t want daycare to mess with this natural circadian rhythm.  

Second, dogs SHOULD get used to being home alone. We don’t want to develop a co-dependency to needing attention all the time. 

Third, while physical and mental stimulation is a good thing, too much can lead to burn out or a compromised immune system. We want all of our Sidekick healthy and in crime-fighting shape! 

Have a different question that we didn’t answer here? Please contact us through our Contact Us page or call us at (210)899-1688.