Group Classes FAQ

Group Class FAQ

How many other dogs will be in class?

We keep all classes small and max out the number to 6 dogs.

What vaccinations are required?

All dogs must be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations. This includes Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper and Parvo. Proof of vaccinations must be submitted. Puppies may begin class as soon as they receive their SECOND round of vaccinations (the initial and one booster).

What does “Dog Friendly” mean?

All participants must be dog-friendly which means they get along with other dogs and are not dog-aggressive. Even though group play is only allowed in the Power Puppy class, close contact with other dogs may not be the most appropriate setting for all dogs.

When can I start?

Each one of our basic manners class (adult and puppy) has a new class starting about every 3 weeks. Call (210)899-1688 for our next start date!

What do I need to bring to class?

All dogs must be wearing a snap-buckle collar and be leashed with a 4-6′ leash (no retractable or bungee leashes allowed). Parents are also asked to bring a treat pouch, high value treats, a long lasting chew (think bully stick or frozen Kong), and a toy.

Where are classes located?

Classes take place indoors in our spaceous warehouse! We are located at 5722 Kenwick, San Antonio, Tx, 78238

Why should I choose group classes?

Group classes are a great way to get a lot of learning done with a smaller price tag. Group classes are appropriate for dogs who are beginning training, as well as dogs who have already learned the behaviors but need to practice amidst distractions.

What if I have to miss a session?

If a class like yours is being offered at the same time, you may tag along in one to make up a time you missed. However, these classes are usually at a different level, a different day of the week and different time of day. If there is no other class currently scheduled, or you cannot make the other class’ scheduled time, you forfeit your make-up. Mini, 30 min, private lessons can be scheduled for $25.