Private Lessons

Private Training


Need help teaching your dog manners, or establishing rules and expectations? Or maybe you never achieved potty training status? Need help fine-tuning your dog’s loose leash skills?

Private lessons are perfect for families with crazy schedules or specific needs or for dogs who may not be dog-friendly. All lessons are curated to match your family’s needs and training goals.

Schedule your private lesson Monday-Friday with Stephanie Garza, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA and Maria Rex, CPDT-KA. Read more about their training accomplishments on our About Us page. 

We conduct lessons at our facility, virtually, in your home, or a “field trip” location. Lessons at your home or a different location require a travel fee depending on your zip code. See our list of zip codes below.

1 Lesson


Perfect for pet parents wanting to address only one behavior or topic.

6 Lesson Package


(Save 10%)

Ample time to teach multiple basic foundation behaviors and advance them to create manners and regular expectations.


3 Lesson Package


(Save 8%)

Perfect for pet parents wanting to address multiple home-behaviors. Your trainer will work with you and your pet and leave you with fun homework assignments to achieve in-between lessons.

Leash Reactivity / Behavior Modification Package


(Save 10%)

One 1-hour lesson and four 30-minute lessons

Do you have a more serious issue? Perhaps your dog displays fear and discomfort when people come over. Or maybe she suffers from Leash Reactivity- barking and lunging at the site of other dogs and people. While these are not uncommon issues, they do require a different training approach


Virtual Lessons

Our virtual lessons, conducted via Zoom, are great and effective options for potential clients that have strict schedules or don’t live in the San Antonio area.

“But don’t you need to see/be able to touch my dog?” Nope! Our job is to coach you on how to train your dog. We walk you through step-by-step, and can watch and coach you through video and verbal instruction.

1 lesson-$115

3 Lesson Package- $315

In-Home Private Lessons

Want to take the party to your  place or a dog-friendly area? No biggie! Please see our list of zip codes and travel fees –>

*An additional $15 Rush Hour Surcharge will be charged for all in-home lessons scheduled 3pm or later

Don’t see your zip code? Click here for a complete list 

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