Pet Sitting

Whether you need someone on a daily basis while you’re at work or only visit while you’re out of town, in-home pet sitting services are customized and detailed for you and your pet.

Why are services done in my home?

Some pets do well in a social environment while others would prefer the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Some pets who may be older, need specific medical attention or just dig alone time will enjoy having someone tend to them and their needs in their own home.

Why should I hire a professional?

As a professional, you can count on us to visit your pet at our scheduled times. You can even track our walk and times with our Time to Pet software! In case of an emergency or unusual event, you want someone with the professional knowledge to act quickly and appropriately for the best interest and safety of your pet.

What if I am a little uncomfortable with a stranger entering my home?

This is very understandable and a legit concern. Before you schedule any dates or services, we will have a free 30 minute Meet&Greet. This is a great time for you to meet Stephanie and show her your pet’s routine. Additional meet and greets with the employees are available for a small fee, but know that all our employees are background checked.

Can you care for more than one pet at a time?

Absolutely! The pricing of services depends on the time length of the visit, not how many animals are being cared for. But please note, the more pets in the home, the more time may be needed for adequate care. You may also have a mixed household!

What kind of pets do you care for?

Any and all! Most of the sidekicks we visit are dogs and cats, but we have taken care of rabbits, lizards and even ducks! If your pet is extra special and requires special care, we can cover all the details in out free 30 minute Meet&Greet!

Call (210)416-2592 or click here to schedule your free Meet&Greet