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Power Puppy Training

It’s never too early to start training! Puppies start learning your habits and routines and will start picking up behaviors the moment they walk into your home. We want to help you set your Sidekick-in-training up for success by giving both you and your puppy the right foundation in basic manners, potty training, and socialization.


Private lessons provide you with a more personalized training plan specific to your goals while group classes provide a set curriculum and offer a fun, safe socialization setting. Think you want both? We’ve got packages to give you the best of both options!


Learn all about the importance of starting training earlier rather than later by reading the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s stance

Power Puppy Group Class

This is the perfect class for puppies younger than 5 months. The curriculum covers six basic manners, focuses on proper socialization and allows puppies to develop proper play skills.

PupPupAndAwaySa Dog Training & Services San Antonio

6 weeks- Join any week!

Monday evenings at 6:00pm at Pet’s Barn (NW Military) 

Requirements: 8 weeks of age or older, at least two sets of vaccinations, negative result on most recent fecal test

Great Puppy Package

This package is great for families needing a foundation of basic manners and need help with one or two home behaviors such as potty training or crate training

PupPupAndAwaySa Dog Training & Services San Antonio

6 Week Class

1 In-Home Private Lesson

Super Puppy Package

The best of both private lessons and group class! Families will get everything they need to make puppy-hood a breeze!

PupPupAndAwaySa Dog Training & Services San Antonio

6 Week Class

3 In-Home Private Lessons

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