In-Home Private Lessons

In- Home Private Lessons

Want to teach your dog basic obedience? Or maybe you need help navigating through puppy potty training? Need help fine tuning your dog’s loose leash skills? Stephanie will sit down with you and the entire family to discuss training catered to your specific needs in a one hour lesson. 

1 Lesson- $85

This is a great option for clients who need to work on only one behavior.

3 Lesson Package- $245

Three lesson will give us plenty of time to teach basic behaviors and start the foundation of training.

6 Lesson Package- $490

Once Basic Behaviors have been taught, we have to turn them into manners. Six lessons gives up ample time to teach behaviors and teach your pup to use them in everyday, real life scenarios. For example, how to hold a sit-stay while someone walks through the front door, how to loose leash walk around the neighborhood or a pet-friendly store, or how to come in the dog park.

Leash Reactivity/Behavior Modification-$300

Does your dog bark, jump and lunge when he sees another person or dog out on the walk? Well, guess what! This behavior is really common. While your dog looks and sounds scary, most likely he is reacting in frustration due to the barrier that is preventing him from greeting other people and animals. Even though leash reactivity is usually harmless, your dog can be hard to control and you may even feel embarrassed. This package includes one 1-hour lesson and four 30-minute lessons. Once we teach your pup how to walk well on-leash without distractions, we will then practice walking with organized distractions then up the ante to walking in dog-friendly stores. 

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*Not located in our zip code? No biggie! We are still happy to work with you for a small travel fee of $7 per visit