Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes

Our classes are a fun way to keep you busy and advance your pup’s IQ! These classes are not offered year-round, so be sure to stay up to date by joining our email newsletter!

Canine Good Citizen

Designed by the American Kennel Club, the CGC program allows parents and their Sidekicks to advance behaviors to a high level. At the end of class, we take the official CGC test to earn your pup the official CGC title! Learn more about the test items by clicking here

Next class begins Tuesday, March 28th at 7:45pm

Reactive Rover

This slow-burn class is perfect for the pup who gets distracted and might react by barking and lunging at specific stimuli. Students will learn calming techniques and behaviors to disengage their pup from reactive triggers in easy settings for better success. 

Next class begins Saturday, April 29th at 11am


Learn cool party tricks to show off to friends and family while strengthening your bond with your Sidekick in this fun class. 

Next class begins March 4th (skip April 1st) at 11am.


This class takes the art of search and rescue and makes a fun game out of it! Teach your dog to sniff and find food or toy items in a maze of objects. The best part? No homework!

Agility Basics

Got yourself an active dog? Come learn the basics of agility with us!


Each workshop focuses on one specific skill or behavior. We’ve got a workshop for Loose-Leash Walking, Stay, Place, Impulse Control, and Come.

Field Trips

For the advance Sidekicks! We’ll take what we learned and apply it around town. We work sit, down, stay, and loose-lease walking all in highly-distracting areas such as OP Schnabel Park, The Pearl, and the Riverwalk!

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