To Crate or Not to Crate?

To Crate or Not to Crate?

Are you pro-crate or anti-crate? Well, I’m pro-crate and I’m here to tell you why.  

The most common argument I hear against the crate is all about the pet parent: “I feel bad for confining him all day.” I get it, but there are so many other safety reasons and arguments for your pup’s well-being.  

If you’re potty training, it’s your best friend 

Dogs are naturally clean animals. They don’t like to potty where they sleep or play. When sized correctly, the crate is a great place to put your puppy when you can’t keep eyes on him because it almost guarantees he won’t have an accident. If you give your pup the opportunity to potty before crate confinement, put your pup here to be sure he won’t have a potty accident while you’re away or busy. 

It keeps your pup out of trouble 

When left for long hours, dogs get bored and find things to entertain themselves with, usually eating items ranging from your socks to your drywall. Not only are these habits bad for your house and wardrobe, but they could also lead to severe medical conditions. When you safely confine your pup in his crate, he can’t get into electrical cords or your Jimmy Choos.  

Your pup will have to be crated at some point 

Your dog will most likely be crated at one point or another by the groomer, vet or other pet professionals. These visits may already be stressful and the unfamiliarity of the crate just adds to the stress. But if your pup likes the crate, it can offer a safe oasis. 

It’s a great escape

When your dog is feeling overwhelmed, scared or not feeling well, it’s a great place for him to get a break. My dogs no longer need to be crated and have proven they deserve freedom when left alone, but we keep a crate up and open for this purpose. Sully gets in to self-cuddle whenever he feels, and sometimes Reishi prefers her bed in her crate rather than our bed.  

So now that I have changed your mind, let’s talk about how to get your pup to fall in love with the crate. Stay tuned for the Part II!